Wendell Falls

Wendell, NC

Client : Newland

Client Since : 2017

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For the creative class, a move to the suburbs is a daunting one. Does it signify the end of their individuality? Not at Wendell Falls. In 2017, we repositioned the brand by focusing more on the “urb” … introducing the community as a walkable, sociable, urban-inspired destination. One that, despite its suburban setting, is still comfortably close to Raleigh. And one that is conveniently, creatively, wonderfully open—for people of all ages. All beliefs. All family shapes and family sizes. Both millennials and empty nesters craved this inclusivity, and came in droves to see the place we touted as “Different by Design.” And they liked what they saw—from the mixed-use community center The Farmhouse, to Grounds Café, the crafted coffee-and-craft-beer hangout, to the planned commercial districts, to the “new homes with fresh attitude.” And the numbers speak for themselves: Wendell Falls is one of the area’s top-selling communities, consistently exceeding their sales goals each year.

Wendell Falls Introduction