Katy, TX

Client : Newland
Client Since : 2017

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In 2017, we were invited to join Newland’s Elyson team. This community out in the open prairie of Katy, Texas, had already been launched and advertised within the local area. Our task? To uplift—and uplevel—the brand. While Elyson had good bones, it was the Newland pedigree that became the soul of our campaign. Based on Newland’s solid reputation and other successful offerings in the market, we knew we could position Elyson as a community built on better. So we based our strategy around “the new heritage”—one with traditional values and an emphasis on personal connection. Where people know your name, and how you take your coffee. Where new neighbors feel like old friends. And where you feel right at home, even if you just moved in.

And this celebratory, sophisticated positioning is paying off. With Elyson truly becoming regarded as the next great place in Katy. Our rewarding client partnership helped the community earn national ranking on RCLCO’s Top 50 Master-planned Communities in 2020.