Timbers Kiawah

Kiawah Island, SC

Client : Timbers Resorts

Client Since : 2017

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To preserve the awe-inspiring nature of Kiawah Island, development here is tightly controlled. So when Timbers Resorts had the opportunity to build Timbers Kiawah Ocean Club & Residences right on the island’s magnificent 10-mile-long beach, they knew the resort had to be special. Timbers brought a lot of new ideas to Kiawah. A private ocean club. A contemporary interpretation of Lowcountry style. And the opportunity for fractional ownership, which is almost unheard of on the eastern seaboard. To stand apart from the traditional resort brands that dominate the marketing landscape, we developed a logo that says “beach” but in a playful Lowcountry way. A campaign that uses wide black-and-white images to dramatize the sense of an endless shoreline. And a quiet, simple voice that conveys the serenity of this unique oceanfront retreat.

Timbers Kiawah